L'intelligence artificielle est un domaine en pleine expansion, ouvrant de vastes perspectives excitantes et stimulantes. Les développeurs d'IA ont l'opportunité de créer des technologies de pointe qui révolutionnent divers secteurs.

Dans le domaine de la santé, l'IA améliore les diagnostics et les traitements médicaux. En écologie, elle aide à surveiller et protéger l'environnement. Les transports bénéficient de systèmes autonomes et de gestion du trafic. Dans le domaine de l'éducation, l'IA personnalise les apprentissages et favorise l'inclusion. De nombreux autres domaines sont également impactés, rendant ce métier incroyablement dynamique et prometteur.

AWS Machine Learning

Reimagining software development with the Amazon Q Developer Agent

Publié le 11/06/2024 par Christian Bock

Amazon Q Developer uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver state-of-the-art accuracy for all developers, taking first place on the leaderboard for SWE-bench, a dataset that tests a system’s ability to automatically resolve GitHub issues. This post describes how to get started with the software development agent, gives an overview of how the agent works, and discusses its performance on public benchmarks. We also delve into the process of getting started with the Amazon Q Developer Agent and give an overview of the underlying mechanisms that make it a state-of-the-art feature development agent.

Get started quickly with AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia using AWS Neuron DLAMI and AWS Neuron DLC

Publié le 11/06/2024 par Niithiyn Vijeaswaran

Starting with the AWS Neuron 2.18 release, you can now launch Neuron DLAMIs (AWS Deep Learning AMIs) and Neuron DLCs (AWS Deep Learning Containers) with the latest released Neuron packages on the same day as the Neuron SDK release. When a Neuron SDK is released, you’ll now be notified of the support for Neuron DLAMIs […]

Sprinklr improves performance by 20% and reduces cost by 25% for machine learning inference on AWS Graviton3

Publié le 11/06/2024 par Sunita Nadampalli

This is a guest post co-written with Ratnesh Jamidar and Vinayak Trivedi from Sprinklr. Sprinklr’s mission is to unify silos, technology, and teams across large, complex companies. To achieve this, we provide four product suites, Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Social, as well as several self-serve offerings. Each of these products are […]

How Wiz is empowering organizations to remediate security risks faster with Amazon Bedrock

Publié le 11/06/2024 par Shaked Rotlev

Wiz is a cloud security platform that enables organizations to secure everything they build and run in the cloud by rapidly identifying and removing critical risks. Over 40% of the Fortune 100 trust Wiz’s purpose-built cloud security platform to gain full-stack visibility, accurate risk prioritization, and enhanced business agility. Organizations can connect Wiz in minutes […]

Code generation using Code Llama 70B and Mixtral 8x7B on Amazon SageMaker

Publié le 10/06/2024 par Shikhar Kwatra

In the ever-evolving landscape of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), large language models (LLMs) have emerged as powerful tools for a wide range of natural language processing (NLP) tasks, including code generation. Among these cutting-edge models, Code Llama 70B stands out as a true heavyweight, boasting an impressive 70 billion parameters. Developed by Meta […]


TOPS of the Class: Decoding AI Performance on RTX AI PCs and Workstations

Publié le 12/06/2024 par Jesse Clayton

The era of the AI PC is here, and it’s powered by NVIDIA RTX and GeForce RTX technologies.

Nerding About NeRFs: How Neural Radiance Fields Transform 2D Images Into Hyperrealistic 3D Models

Publié le 12/06/2024 par Kristen Yee

Let’s talk about NeRFs — no, not the neon-colored foam dart blasters, but neural radiance fields, a technology that might just change the nature of images forever. In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast recorded live at GTC, host Noah Kravitz speaks with Michael Rubloff, founder and managing editor of, about radiance field-based technologies. <a class="read-more" href=""> Read Article <span data-icon="y"></span> </a>

Why Accelerated Data Processing Is Crucial for AI Innovation in Every Industry

Publié le 7/06/2024 par Ben Oliveri

Across industries, AI is supercharging innovation with machine-powered computation. In finance, bankers are using AI to detect fraud more quickly and keep accounts safe, telecommunications providers are improving networks to deliver superior service, scientists are developing novel treatments for rare diseases, utility companies are building cleaner, more reliable energy grids and automotive companies are making <a class="read-more" href=""> Read Article <span data-icon="y"></span> </a>

Here Comes a New Challenger: ‘Street Fighter 6’ Joins GeForce NOW

Publié le 6/06/2024 par GeForce NOW Community

Capcom’s latest entry in the iconic Street Fighter series, Street Fighter 6, punches its way into the cloud this GFN Thursday. The game, along with Ubisoft’s XDefiant, leads six new games joining the GeForce NOW library. A new reward makes its way to the cloud gaming service’s Ultimate and Priority members. For a limited time, <a class="read-more" href=""> Read Article <span data-icon="y"></span> </a>

Creativity Accelerated: New RTX-Powered AI Hardware and Software Announced at COMPUTEX

Publié le 5/06/2024 par Gerardo Delgado

NVIDIA launched NVIDIA Studio at COMPUTEX in 2019. Five years and more than 500 NVIDIA RTX-accelerated apps and games later, it’s bringing AI to even more creators with an array of new RTX technology integrations announced this week at COMPUTEX 2024.

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